Breadwinner Automation Overview

Breadwinner is a native Salesforce application that integrates Salesforce with accounting systems. Within Breadwinner is the capability to quickly sync important financial data, including the creation of Invoices. Breadwinner ensures data accuracy by leading users through a short Invoice creation process, but what if your business needs to process high volumes of data, or has special requirements that only Apex can solve?

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How can I automate my workflows?

Breadwinner offers a collection of advanced tools to help you achieve a fully automated workflow in Salesforce that suits your needs. Our automation methods were designed to ensure that Salesforce partners and developers are equipped with a robust and secure platform on which they can build and refine workflow automation quickly and with ease.

Depending on a business’s specific automation requirements and the direction of their data flow, Breadwinner offers several automation options included in the Breadwinner subscription:

Guided Wizard – Create invoices or other transactions in your accounting or payment software from any object or objects in Salesforce via an easy-to-use guided wizard that walks you through every step to ensure accuracy.

Custom Guided Wizard - This is the same as the Guided Wizard, but you can create transactions like invoices from custom objects inside Salesforce.

Global API - If you're a Salesforce partner or ISV, write custom code against our API to unlock any custom scenario your users can dream of.

Flows - Coming soon!

What can I integrate?

There are four apps in the Breadwinner family­­–Breadwinner for NetSuite, Breadwinner for QuickBooks, Breadwinner for Xero, and Breadwinner Payments- which integrates Salesforce with payment processors including Stripe, Square, and Braintree.

Within these applications, Breadwinner supports a growing list of objects, found in the app-specific documentation in the tabs above. Using these automation tools removes integration limitations the only way Apex can, allowing businesses to transform their workflows to create a seamless process and flow of information.

Who can implement these automation tools?

Breadwinner designed these automation methods so that different users with various levels of experience can implement them with ease while maintaining their functionality, intuitiveness, and efficacy.

If you're a Salesforce Admin looking for an edge, then our Custom Guided Wizard lets you create accounting transactions from any custom object.

If you're a Salesforce partner working on behalf of your customer, Breadwinner's Global API breaks open the constraints so you have the flexibility to meet their needs with custom coding.

If you installed another managed package app from the Salesforce AppExchange, and want to integrate it into your accounting system, you can use our Global API to do just that as well as almost all types of integrations your business requires.

If you’re a Salesforce developer and need to respond to your Salesforce code to read or write financial data, then Breadwinner’s Global API makes that possible and straightforward.

Learn more about our automation tools by clicking on the links below:

Payments (Stripe, Braintree, Square) 


Updated 16 Feb 2022
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