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Whenever you need to send data back and forth between QuickBooks and Salesforce, Breadwinner has you covered. The approach you take will depend on your automation needs and the desired records that you want to sync.

Because the method depends on which direction you want the data to flow, the sections below are split between the two data flow options.

Data Flow from QuickBooks to Salesforce

Breadwinner, upon installation, creates a number of tabs and objects in Salesforce, which allows Breadwinner to populate QuickBooks data into Salesforce quickly and easily. Seeing QuickBooks data in Salesforce simply requires authenticating to QuickBooks from within Breadwinner.

Once verified, within minutes you'll see QuickBooks data in those tabs/objects.

Here's a screenshot of the "QB Invoices" tab with an individual Invoice record:

Breadwinner for QuickBooks
Breadwinner for QuickBooks

As well as the initial load, Breadwinner will ensure that data stays fresh and up-to-date. If something changes in QuickBooks, that change is reflected within minutes back in Salesforce.

Controlling access to these objects can be done easily through permission sets and/or sharing rules (we recommend you install the app "Admin Only" and then use Breadwinner's permission sets).

Why do we take this approach? Because QuickBooks is the System of Record for accounting, making sure that QuickBooks is easily reflected in Salesforce is vital to an efficient business.

Data Flow from Salesforce to QuickBooks

To see that data flows from Salesforce to QuickBooks, ensure that you are in Breadwinner Active Mode

Active Mode
Active Mode

You can use some, all, or none of the approaches below!

Syncing data from Salesforce to QuickBooks will depend on your business needs and also be based on your Finance Director's preferences.

Best of all, whatever you create or edit in QuickBooks, via Breadwinner, will be reflected back in Salesforce immediately.

Below are the four ways you can sync data to QuickBooks:

Used By

Configured By

Guided Wizard


Power Users, Admins, Consultants

Custom Guided Wizard


Admins, Consultants

-- Button URL Generator




Admins, Consultants

Global API



-- Apex Generator


The above chart also includes two generators, specifically designed for admins and developers to help make their lives easier. The "Button URL Generator" creates the URL needed for the Custom Guided Wizard button. And the "Apex Generator" will generate Apex for you, for either a Trigger or for use within a Flow as an invocable method.

Flows and the Global API require Salesforce Enterprise Edition or higher.

Guided Wizard

The Guided Wizard is automation-with-review. It is designed for companies who want near-automation and to eliminate re-keying and data entry errors, but still want someone to sanity check what's about to go into QuickBooks.

This category includes the regular Guided Wizard (which creates QuickBooks records from the Salesforce standard objects Account, Opportunity, and Order) and the Custom Guided Wizard which creates QuickBooks records from any object whatsoever.

Both the Guided Wizard and Custom Guided Wizard look the same from the end-user's point of view. However, the setup of the two is quite different, and the Custom Guided Wizard is only available on some plans.


Automation can be achieved by writing Apex.

Creating or Editing Breadwinner records directly

It's important to stress that you cannot simply directly create or edit Breadwinner objects and expect that this data will flow into QuickBooks. This is not how Breadwinner was designed.

There are two reasons for this: safety and data accuracy.

For safety and security, finance teams usually prefer greater control over the data flow into QuickBooks. They usually require tighter management of what can and cannot be sent to the finance system. This is because they are legally responsible for the data.

The other reason is to ensure accuracy, because QuickBooks may not accept the changes you've made to the Breadwinner records. You can read about other apps that have hourly syncs, and the hours wasted in troubleshooting the failed syncs, the data corruption, and the logs. Breadwinner's approach prevents these headaches and ensures data accuracy in both systems.

So, for these reasons, you should never directly create or modify any of the Breadwinner objects. Any new or modified records will not be synced to QuickBooks. You can, however, modify your own custom fields on the Breadwinner objects, should you wish.

Updated 28 Jan 2022
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