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Whenever you need to send data between Xero and Salesforce, Breadwinner has you covered. The approach you take will depend on your automation needs and the records you want to sync.

As the method depends on which direction you want the data to flow, the sections below are split between the two data flow options.

Data Flow from Xero to Salesforce

Breadwinner, upon installation, creates a number of tabs and objects in Salesforce, which allows Breadwinner to populate Xero data to Salesforce quickly and easily. This means that seeing Xero data in Salesforce simply requires authenticating Xero from within Breadwinner. Once verified, you'll see Xero data in those tabs/objects within minutes. 

Here is a screenshot depicting the Breadwinner Xero Objects (Invoices, Xero Contacts, Line Items, and Payments), displaying some of the Invoices from Xero in Breadwinner: 

Breadwinner Invoice View
Breadwinner Invoice View

You may note the different symbols and flag colors, which correspond to the Invoice status (e.g. red = overdue, green = paid, pencil = draft invoice, etc.)

And, here is an example of the "Xero Invoices" tab, with an individual Invoice record:

Breadwinner for Xero Invoice
Breadwinner for Xero Invoice


After the initial sync with Xero, Breadwinner will ensure that data stays fresh and up-to-date. If something changes in Xero, that change is reflected within minutes back in Salesforce.

Controlling access to the Breadwinner objects can be done easily through the provided permission sets and/or Salesforce sharing rules (we recommend you install the app "Admin Only" and then use Breadwinner's permission sets to assign the appropriate permissions to your users).

Why do we take this approach? Because we consider Xero as the System of Record for accounting and so are making sure that Xero is easily reflected in Salesforce, as that’s vital to an efficient business.

Data Flow from Salesforce to Xero

To see data flow from Salesforce to Xero, ensure that you are in "Xero Active Mode".

Active Mode:

Breadwinner Mode Switch
Breadwinner Mode Switch

Syncing data from Salesforce to Xero will depend on your business needs and also be based on your finance director's preferences.

Best of all, whatever you create or edit in Xero, will be reflected back in Salesforce immediately via Breadwinner.

Here are the four ways you can sync data to Xero:

Used By

Configured By

Guided Wizard


Power Users, Admins, Consultants

Custom Guided Wizard


Admins, Consultants

-- Button URL Generator




Admins, Consultants

Global API



-- Apex Generator



The above chart also includes two generators, designed for admins and developers to help make their lives easier. The "Button URL Generator" creates the URL needed for the Custom Guided Wizard button. The "Apex Generator" will generate Apex for you, for either a Trigger or for use within a Flow as an invocable method.

Flows and the Global API require Salesforce Enterprise Edition or higher.

Updated 25 Feb 2022
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